Rygan Energy Solutions Ltd

are the exclusive design, supply and installation company for the Rygan HPGX System in the UK and Europe. Our extensive experience spans over 60 years in the ground source heating industry.


1988 – Hormell Engineering Ltd

We drilled our first borehole! As part of Hormell Engineering Ltd, a company specialising in Drilling & Grouting, Piling, Site Investigation, Water Wells and Rock Anchors.

2002 – Ground Source Solutions Ltd

After being approached to drill one of the first Geothermal Boreholes for a large commercial project Ground Source Solutions Ltd was formed to meet the demand for the newly emerging technology. Completing large scale projects for hospitals, prisons, schools and universities, GSS rapidly became a leading installer.

2011 – Waterseekers Well Drilling Services Ltd

Throughout our drilling services career, Water Well Drilling was regularly required and taking into consideration the importance of this precious commodity and ever increasing utility charges we went back to our roots and aimed to provide a one-stop shop for Water Well Drilling and Services.

2013 – Waterseekers Ground Source Drilling

To respond to enquiries and client demands we expanded our services to include Ground Source Drilling.

Present Day – Rygan Energy Solutions Ltd

After much time spent collaborating and following the success and performance of the Rygan HPGX system in the US, Rygan Energy is formed to deliver the most efficient and durable technology in ground source heating available today into the UK and Europe.