Rygan Energy Solutions Ltd are working with Ground Heat to install a GSHP route for Albion Tower which involves the installation of 99no Heliotherm 3kW heat Pumps into each flat within the tower block.

To meet the requirements of this particular building, Rygan Energy designed and installed a bore-field comprising of 14no 183m-600ft bores, each bore contains our 3.5 Coaxial system to the full depth, 183m. These are then grouted in using a Carbon Graphite based grout to maintain the low thermal resistance of the system giving maximum heat transfer to the ground.

Customized Beretta Rig

To enable us to carry out these works we have worked closely with Berretta in Italy and their distributor in the UK – Drillwell to design and build a drilling rig that can simultaneously drill and install casing through the poorest of ground conditions thus allow drilling to continue to depths of 500m.

Ground Heat has 14 years’ experience in the GSHP market. They introduced the concept of shared ground loops ( SGLs ) into the market, delivering the first tower block in the UK to have multiple GSHPs working from a shared ground array.
Rygan Energy is working closely with Ground Heat and Heliotherm on similar projects throughout the UK using this concept and the Rygan technology.

Shared Ground Loop Array

Utilizing the concept of shared ground loops ( SGLs ), Rygan Energy Solutions Ltd installed a GSHP route for Albion Tower, which involved the installation of a GSHP into each of the 99 apartments.

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