Rygan HPGX

The New Face of Geothermal

Ground Source using the Rygan HPGX is a system benefiting from the most advanced materials applied to geo exchange.
In addition to the benefits of a conventional loop system are further advantages:

  • Advanced composite materials provide the most efficient closed well field system available.
  • Increased capacity cuts traditional well field requirements by half or more.
  • Unprecedented design flexibility makes sites previously off limits, “geo eligible”.
  • Ideal technology for urban and metropolitan areas.

The Proven, Best-in-Class Technology for Ground Heat Exchange.

HPGX represents the most efficient and durable ground heat exchange system available. It utilizes proprietary high-strength, low-weight, low thermal resistance composite materials which yield unsurpassed performance.

Why Drill 30 Holes When 15 Will Do?

Our patented technology delivers the most efficient rate of heat transfer per linear foot of any closed system. This results in fields requiring less than half the land space and drilling of conventional u-tube fields while delivering superior efficiency.

Ideal for Urban Areas

This makes the Rygan technology ideal for built up urban areas in the metropolis, making sites that were previously off limits now “Geo Eligible”.

 The Toughest

ISO 9000 quality, made in America, time-tested material used for the world’s harshest applications. Chemically fused composite material is over triple the strength of traditional poly-pipe.